23 November - 23 December 2018

Northern LIGHTS

Northern Lights

Step into a traditional Christmas wonderland that’s inspired by long winters and Christmas cheer that the Nordic countries have mastered!

Area highlights

What to LOOK out for

You’ll be welcomed into this wintery world by twinkly lights, Scandinavian-style lanterns and a beautifully dressed Christmas tree.  You’ll also be able to smell a mixture of mulled wine, warm food and sweet treats, as an exciting festive buzz fills the air and the faint sound of Christmas music will be heard in the distance.

This Christmas wonderland is home to Father Christmas and his bright reindeer. Keep your eyes out for him cuddled up in cosy blankets on his wooden sleigh, travelling between the Scandinavian-style folk lanterns.  Before you leave make sure you enjoy a ‘taste of Christmas’ before continuing on your winter adventure.

Christmas Food Market

No festive event is complete without a Christmas market!  This is half way round The Lanterns route and a perfect time to stop and take some time to explore our Christmas Food Market and the delicious items on offer.  With a range of food on offer here, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

  • Traditional Hog Roast Sandwich – £5
  • Christmas burrito – £6
  • Bratwurst and burgers – £5
  • A range of pies / sausage rolls – £3.50 – £5
  • Churros – £4


Enjoy your food with a mulled wine or hot drink from the bar in our cosy tepee, which is just set back from the Northern Lights.