23 November - 23 December 2018

Cloud CUCKOO Land

Cloud Cuckoo Land

Next stop is a topsy-turvy world filled with lanterns of some of our favourite feathered friends!  Cloud Cuckoo Land will take you on a trip through big, colourful boulder towers, where you’ll discover some of our brand new lanterns, inspired by some of the world’s most endangered species of birds.

Area highlights

What to LOOK out for

See if you can spot the six different lantern bird species within this slightly surreal place, where large bird lanterns and emu characters live in a curious landscape with colourful rocks!  The inspiration behind this space is the stunningly beautiful birds found at Chester Zoo!  The lilac-breasted roller is often thought as one of the most beautiful birds in the world and is a real treat to see; with a mixture of dazzling blue, pink and purple feathers this lantern will definitely catch your eye.

The elusive southern cassowary is a remarkable species – with a splash of bright blue, dagger like claws, and the reputation of being one of the most dangerous birds in the world, this is the closest you’ll want to get to this species!

The Bali mynah was only discovered 100 years ago!  And is one of the most endangered birds in the world as a result of the illegal bird trade.  They’re known for their lovely songs – from loud whistles and chuckles to quiet chirps; they even have a flight call which they make when they take off.  When you’re making your way around Cloud Cuckoo Land why not have a go at creating your own Christmas bird song and whistle while you explore?  

Other bird lanterns found in Cloud Cuckoo Land include the African grey-crested crane and the BIGGEST of the Asian hornbill species – the great hornbill, an impressive black and white bird which has a very distinctive beak!